Artworks for 2D platformer games

hello everyone,
today in this blog  i am going to include my collections of artworks that can be used for any shooting-platformer type games.

Please Click here to  download the art assets file..
The artwork file consists of :


  1. Player – and all of his basic animations like walk, run, landing by parachute, Melee, drinking health potion, die animations and much more.
  2. all the sprites are sliced, so you dont have to worry about slicing them inside of unity.
  3. Enemies: enemies soldiers with all of their animations like running, shooting, jumping , dying and this pack also includes enemy vehicles like enemy tank, and (i dont know what to call it so i am calling it Calvary),  and all the basic animations for those vehicles like firing, moving and blasting..
  4. Platform tile set – tile-sets that you can simply organize to create your own exciting levels.
  5. stone and wooden signs for the players like go forward, save, etc.

Hope you guys will find it helpful and if there is any problem with the assets, please feel free to contact me at
and please follow this blog for next installment: i.e all the scripts  and artworks required to create 2D endless runner games in unity.

And about using these assets, you can use it in any way that you want and no credits are required but will be appreciated….
Thank you everyone





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