Color-Switch replica in unity (assets and scripts…)

Hi everyone, In this blog , i am publishing a prototype of color-switch replica that i made in Unity using C# programming language. It’s just a prototype so its extremely simple, only demonstrating the working mechanism of this game, But you can feel free to take it a step forward and publish it as your own game, you can create your own sprites of various shapes other than circles and simply attach the rotator script in it(the script will be available in the unity package file.)  and make a bit of adjustments(the same adjustments i made with circles, you can click the circle and refer to inspector to see what scripts or properties i have added to them). Since the game is just a prototype, you need to add some UI(User interface), particle effects(that could be played when the player achieves high scores or dies.). Its extremely simple, Just create a game manager Script that keeps the record of score and lives left or levels and number of obstacles crossed. And if you have any difficulty in doing that feel free to contact me at I will be extremely happy to assist you.


1. Download the unity project file from this link :


2. start a new unity project and simply drag the unity package file in assets panel.
3. open the scene file called main.
4. you are good to go…

Now you can add your own shapes  and attach the scripts and other components  as i have attached in circular obstacles and yeah you can build your own color switch game..

And once again, if you need help programming a game manager script for keeping track of high scores and  other game stuffs please feel free to contact me at

here is a simple demo of how the prototype looks like… (its simple but its a great way to get started…. and yes i suck at playing it…)


Thank you 🙂


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